Category: General Updates

GUI Expansion

So I really need to break the habit of posting whenever is convenient so here goes. So in order to progress further, I needed to further expand my GUI systems to allow for more complex tasks. In order to achieve this, I opted for an event-driven system and ran across a fun issue that had … Continue reading GUI Expansion

New IO Systems

So I spent a while overhauling the IO system in the Engine. This came about from me having to write the same IO code over and over again when I was loading a file from a different file system. The solution was to spend some time ripping out all the boilerplate code and replace it … Continue reading New IO Systems

Erde Physics

While developing the engine it was becoming more and more apparent that I could not put off working on the physics engine. Seeing as many of the physics engines out there work for primitive objects and meshes rather than distance fields this was a little tricky to figure out. The Solution After experimenting with several … Continue reading Erde Physics