Author: riverg

Dead End

I have encountered a bit of a dead with progress. I have been flooded with issues with the framework and have been required to step back and rethink my current integration of features which has halted a lot if not all progress on the framework. TLDR: Navigation is a pain. Everything is broken. The first … Continue reading Dead End

Matrix Hell

I have been banging my head against the wall for the past week migrating to matrices and have made some forward progress. However the migration may have set me back more then it has helped me. By migrating to matrices I have left my camera in a broken state and have to redo all my … Continue reading Matrix Hell

Graphical Overhaul

Over the weekend I have done a graphical overhaul of my assessment replacing the stock Lode PNG library with Developer Image Library. This has caused a significant improvement in loading times and has removed the file type restriction allowing for much greater flexibility. I done some optimizations in rendering the tile maps gaining me 3 … Continue reading Graphical Overhaul