Author: riverg


In the past few weeks I have joined a pitch team for a project called Godless. We were tasked with creating a pitch to assemble a team for the creation of the project. With this I with another programmer ended up creating a small battle prototype to use in a clip to try and attract … Continue reading Godless

PerTerra V2

After a long wait I have been able to reassemble the engine. With this I have been able to expand the feature set and refine previous features. With this version I have refined the pipeline in order to speed up drawing by implementing view fulcrum culling. This has allowed me to exponentially increase the amount of … Continue reading PerTerra V2

Alpha finishing

Alpha is nearing the end and surprisingly there was very few major hiccups. The only issue there was detecting game over for the game which a lot of it was caused by using Unitys physics in a way that was not intended. Ended up taking results from the collision functions out of the equations seeing … Continue reading Alpha finishing