Change of Pace

So this feels weird after disappearing for how long but here goes.

After the last post, I have had a lot of things happen some good some not so good. I will not go into detail but life loves to get in the way. The upside is it was not all bad I managed to get my hands on a server and managed to upgrade my main system which has lead to quality of life changes around the place. In the time I was away I have been able to reflect on things. I have also found that this format of providing updates on my progress no longer synergizes with me and these posts are likely to be the last. So without further ado let us reflect on the projects.


Oh boy, how I love this thing but dread it at the same time. This had turned into the project that I would bumble and rave on and no one would have an idea of what I was on about. It is the project that I have spent way too much time on(I hate you 2016 me). I have achieved what I have sought out to accomplish with the engine the remaining work to have it game development ready(this does by no means mean it is finished) is just audio stuff and copy paste work from my bits and pieces I have lying around. With how long I have been working on it I have been extremely burnt out. I feel the urge to work on Erde returning to me but I will put it to the side for now until it fully reignites.

Project Nepgeardam

This is a bit of a weird project that I did to pass some time but did not flop in the first few hours and was mostly used to prevent my C++ skills from rusting. Problem is it ended up actually going somewhere and I actually had something to show so I could not pass it up. The big problem I had with it was that in order to continue it I would have 2 large time sink projects going on at the same time. I ended up axing it pretty early on in its lifespan to recommit to Erde.

With this, I am likely to be working on other projects on GitHub until my urge to work on Erde becomes uncontrollable again.

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