Programming Rant

This is something that I need to get off my chest and out into the open. This might be very opinionated and from someone that is still green in the field.



I tend to see a lot of people scared away from programming by the entry bar that comes from learning their first programming language. There are those that look at the work that other people do and get scared off at the “Complexity”. Some look at the features of a language and think they have to use them all. A few others I have seen get scared off by people that tell them that they have to do a task in a particular way.

I believe that people should look past what others tell them to and find a problem they want to solve or a task they want to do. I find that a lot of the skills come along as you go along. In addition, a lot of the language and there features in the early stages do not matter just find something that you are comfortable with. A lot of the extra features are there to make life easier using a particular language. When you are more comfortable you can try other languages that are more specialised for the task you are trying to do.



This is one that hits very close to home. I have seen people worry more about the structure of a code base more than the functionality leading to the code bases that are broken by there own structure. The structure is something that should NEVER take priority over code that works STOP HAVING STRUCTURE DICTATE THE PROJECT. In projects like games, my priority is as follows.

  1. Functional Code
  2. Acceptable Performance
  3. Well structured

If I am not working on games my priority is as follows

  1. Functional Code
  2. Well Structured
  3. Acceptable Performance

There is a reason there is not one defined way as to structure a code base. There is no one size fits all solution. I am so sick of having to fix problems that others cannot because they refuse to restructure code. This is also largely the reason that I do not correct people about their code structure unless it is inherently causing issues.


Working with Others

When you are working with other people you have to ensure that you have a method of working together. This will vary from team to team some will adopt methodologies because they work for them, others will work in their own way. Also, this is something that I have had to advise people on is to have a method of having external bodies give feedback, criticism and issues. I have had issues crop up from people being segregated causing miscommunication.

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