Agents, Stacks and Ques

It was an interesting day I managed to fix my particle system for the modified version of the AIE framework. After the recovery was done with the particle system and moved on to implementing autonomous agents to get the foundations in place for the AI so I can move on to getting the game done in time for the assessment.

Through the day stacks, ques and deques where covered and it left me thinking about possible implementations. After a while I saw no benefit for any currently complete work. There was suggested to use stacks for menu systems however that would require me to write my menu library to accommodate for minimal improvement. I did however see potential when combined with mutithreading and might look into it to use for steaming assets with the game running to cut the need for loading.

I will be working on updating stuff to post on the portfolio and try to finish Litena if I left it in a decent state.

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